Bringing the Past Alive...

Vintage Cameras

We trade in Vintage Camera equipment and collectibles. Over the years we have had various cameras from all periods of photography. If you are looking for a particular camera or other item or have a project let us know.

We have supplied cameras to production companies for filming, to Fashion groups for photoshoots and to general collectors. Contact us using our contacts link on the left.

The camera above is a Bolex H16 16mm movie camera used to film the original TV series "Skippy - the Bush Kangaroo" and the "Twilight Zone".

Historic Movie Props.....

Praetorian Guard Cape from "Gladiator"

A cape from the prophouse for use in the movie "Gladiator" for the Paretorian guards. Unused wardrobe item.

SPECIAL $60.00AUD plus P&H

SFX Prop Sword

This prop sword was used in the TV series "Spartacus". This is classed as a "Push Rod" retractable sword used to simulated the stabbing sword action. The actor would fight using a full sword, then filming would stop and this sword exchanged as he is about to stab the victim. The rubber tip placed against the victim, then the filming would restart and the sword plunged forward, the white shaft retracts behind the actors arm mimicking the action. The white section would be digitally remastered post filming to add in a blade. This would be great for educational or re-eneactor facilities to demonstrate a fight process.

 $99.95AUD plus P&H

Roman Toga and Wreath

A Roman Toga with gold coloured embroidered edge plus a brass victory wreath.
From prop hire department used in various productions.

 $79.95AUD Plus P&H