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Ebla Creation tablet.

A reproduction of a tablet found in ancient Ebla (modern Tel Mardich) by Italian archaeologist Professor Pettinato.

It is dated to 2200BC well before the famous "Enuma Elish" tablet.

THe tablet refers to Lugal "the great one" who formed the earth out of nothing involving the process of the creation of earth, heaven, sun and moon.



Cuneiform Tablet from Ebla.

A cuneiform tablet from ancient Ebla dated 2200BC. This is an accounting tablet seen by the graphic use of numerics and boxed word clusters.

The circles and crescents represent numbers.

72 x 65 x 20mm

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Syrian Cylinder Seal replica

a resin cast replica of an original cylinder seal from Syria. Worshipping figures before an altar.

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King Hazeal 

King Hazeal was the Aramean King that the prophet Elijah was asked by God to anoint as King over Syria in 842 BC.

See 1 Kings 19:15

The Tel Dan Stele that mentions the "house of David" is thought to have been originally erected by Hazeal.

This is a reproduction of an ivory inlay of King Hazeal.

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