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Roman Papyrus Scroll

A blank papyrus scroll with leather end piece and tie for display or re enactor use. Can be written on.

Size of roll = 300mm (W) x 1900mm (L). 

$39.95AUD plus P&H Quote ROMESCROLLLONG2 Temporarily Unavailable

Reed Pens

Fine tip reed pens made by a scribe in the Middle East.

Available with one of our other writing products for $5.95AUD.

Not available as a single purchase.

We can supply group sets at a discount for classroom use. Contact us for details.


Roman Slave Collar Set

$49.95AUD SET plus P&H

Roman Clay Marbles

A set of clay marbles similar to those used by children in the Roman period. Each set includes 5 small and one large marble. The marbles have been fired.

Ideal as a school or student exercise.

$19.95AUD plus P&H Temporarily out of stock.

Ancient Glass Marbles

A set of 5 glass marbles as used throughout the ancient world. These are not ancient but are also not replicas.

These are early 20th century glass marbles. Ideal for a school class exercise.

$19.95AUD plus P&H

Roman Seal Ring

A silver mens ring with glass seal impression image of the dual head of a Roman soldier.

An exceptionally nice wearable ring.

2 styles available.

$99.95AUD plus P&H

Roman Wax Tablet

Roman Wax Tablets/Tabulae/Diptychs were used for all forms of writing where the text was to be of no great length. The tablets were made often of wood (though sometimes of ivory) and had a hollowed out section into which was poured molten wax, which could then when hardened, be written upon with a metal or bone stylus. The text could then be erased using the flat end of the stylus and then rewritten upon. This form of tablet was commonly used to prepare political speeches, poems and so forth. Some more elaborate versions had multiple wooden pages. The pages of ours are bound with leather. Some Diptychs had a hole on the side opposite the hinge that would allow a string to be inserted and a seal applied. Examples were found at Vindolander at Hadrian's wall in northern England and images can still be seen today in the frescoes of Pompeii in the famous portrait of Terentius Neo and his wife...his wife holds a "Diptych" with a stylus to her mouth while he holds a rolled scroll.

$49.95AUD plus P&H

Roman Inkwell

Replica Roman Inkwell - Black Glazed Gaulish Samianware style.

Available in two formats:

"Aged Inscribed" inscribed with original owners name as found 1st-3rd century AD.

$19.95AUD plus P&H Order#RI/I

"New" Black glazed as originally made.

$29.95AUD plus P&H Order#RI/O

Size 50mmH x 58mmW approx

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Roman Military Diploma

A reproduction of a Roman Military Diploma and Citizenship. This is a casting (lead pewter) of a bronze plaque awarded to a Roman soldier upon retirement recognising his service in the Roman Army and awarding him Roman citizenship. (Particularly applicable to soldiers drawn into army service from foreign nations.

One plaque double sided. It is part of a much larger diploma. 
Small display case supplied. plaque 35 x 25mm.

$24.95AUD plus P&H 1

Pompeii Graffiti Research Project

A research project for the senior curriculum.....
A set of 5 replica graffiti / inscriptions based on actual items from the walls of Pompeii. The object of the project is to divide your class into 5 groups, have each group research their allocated graffiti or inscription based on the questions and prompts supplied with the kit. They would then do a group report based on their findings. Each group does a presentation of their findings, the project is complete when the whole class then does a full report on what they have learned about graffiti and inscriptions in Pompeii.

Kit 1-  $19.95AUD plus P&H QUOTE PGRP1

Kit 1 comprises of 5 small textual and political style graffiti.

 Kit 2 - $19.95AUD plus P&H QUOTE PGRP2

Kit 2 comprises of 5 small format graffiti items focused on Gladiators to expand your kit to allow more research or more student participation.

Roman Military Diploma