Bringing the Past Alive...

Terra Sigillata Tera Negro Roman Cup

A replica of a Roman drinking cup with a dancing scene around the body of the cup. Made from Terra Sigillata with a black glaze this cup

stands 110mmm tall. A beautiful example of the fine tableware made during the 1st -4th century.

$139.95AUD plus P&H

Roman Oil Lamp - Twin Spout "Leaf" design

A reproduction of a large  1st-2nd century Roman oil lamp.

It has twin spouts for two wicks, and a large leaf design handle.

It has ornate horse heads on the sides of the shoulder.

250 x 195 x 110mm

$179.95AUD plus P&H

Roman Papyrus Scroll

A blank papyrus scroll with leather end piece and tie for display or re enactor use. Can be written on.

Size of roll = 200mm (W) x 3000mm (L).


$59.95AUD plus P&H 

Roman Slave Collar Set

A set of two cast Slave medallions based on a set used in a recent film production.

$49.95AUD SET plus P&H

Roman Bone Dice

A pair of dice made from bone as used by Roman soldiers. Roman dice were different from modern dice in that all opposite sides added up to seven.

The Romans played a number of dice games. Tesserae was played with 3 dice with a best score of three sixes while Tali was played with knucklebones marked like dice.

These replica dice are made from real bone.

This set includes 3 dice.

$9.95AUD plus P&H

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Roman Military Diploma