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Reproductions of Historic items from the Hittite Empire

Treaty of Kadesh

A reproduction of the famous treaty between The Hittite King Hattusili III and Pharaoh Ramses II c1259BC. The actual battle of Kadesh after which this treaty is named occurred many years earlier and did not result in a win to either side as claimed on some monuments. It was a treaty signed later to facilitate peace where the battlefield was unsuccessful. 

165 x 130mm  $59.95AUD plus P&H 

Luwian Inscription of King Katuwas 

A Luwian isncription depicting King Katuwas dated 9th century BC. Excavated Carchemish (Karkamis).

210 x 140mm.


 Hittite Offering Frieze

A wall frieze depicting King Sulumeli offering a libation to a god. From Malatya's Aslantepe (Lion's Hill).
c 10th - 9th century BC. 200 x 90mm.

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Hittite Hunting Frieze

A wall frieze depicting a lion hunt from a chariot. c 850 - 800BC. 220 x 110mm.

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Hittite Cylinder Seal


Time of King Suppiluliamas. About 1380 - 1300 B.C. A religious referral cylinder seal, depicting two high ranking temple attendants, with a 'Tree of lite' between them and two crouching deer, heads turned backward. A fine horizontal double stranded guilloche above deer and a laurel stand beneath. Measures 1 1/4 x 5/8".



Hittite Stamp Seal -

14th C BC - God King Tudhaliyas II -
Geometric styled stamp seals such as this were used on bales and storage jars issued from the royal palace where as cylinder seals were used for all other sealings. This was necessitated due to the small size of the clay bullae that were applied to the knots of the ties that were affixed around the bales and necks of the jars which would then be sealed with this style of seal. 

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Hittite Double Sided Stamp Seal

This stamp seal has engravings on each side, one with a person with raised hands in worship, the other side a figure before an altar. This seal would have been worn around the neck as both a seal and as an amulet.

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Hittite Tablets

 A Set of two clay tablets from the Hittite Empire.

The normal Hittite script was in the form of picture writing or hieroglyphs. However for the purposes of international trade and correspondence, the Hittites used the cuneiform script of Assyria. Strong trading links were forged between the Hittites and Assyria.

A library was found containing 10,000 clay tablets - court records, receipts, contracts, official documents etc. Some contained poetry and one was a Hittite copy of a peace treaty with Egypt, with the Hittites dictating the terms of Egyptian surrender.

Tablet 1 is 55 x 55 x 15mm with cuneiform text on both sides.

Tablet 2 is 60 x 48 x 18mm with text on one side and a stamp seal impression on the other side.

The two tablets are available as a set.

$49.95AUD plus P&H QUOTE HITT2

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