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Herodotus P Oxy 2099 Early 2nd Century AD

A papyrus fragment found at the Egyptian town of Oxyrhynchus dated to the early 2nd century AD. It contains part of Book VIII.

Herodotus lived in the 5th century BC in Bodrum in modern day Turkey. He was contemporary with Thucydides, Socrates and Euripides.

He was later called the Father of History due to the fact that he changed the aspect of recording of historic events by creating them

in an investigative process. He records some of the Greco-Persian wars being our major source of information on these events.

He also recorded information on Egyptian history much of it again as our source, yet his sources are considered unreliable.

Approx 90mm sq.

$79.95AUD plus P&H

Pottery Jug from Crete


Museum replica

From 1550 to 1500 BC potters on Crete decorated their vessels in what is termed the "Floral Style" incorporating leaves and plants with light on dark alternating with dark on light techniques.

From 1500BC onwards the "Marine Style" developed in which potters decorated their vessels with various marine creatures including octopus.

170mm tall.

Note this pottery vessel was made in the 1970s and has some chips and scrapes.

$110.00AUD plus P&H

Minoan Stirrup Jar - 1500BC - Heraklion Museum Replica

Stirrup jars were a form of pottery vessels developed in the late bronze age developed on Crete and were used for pouring expensive liquids into other vessels without spillage.

Amphorae which were a common form of storage often resulted in spillage due to their cumbersome shape. These stirrup jars were so named because their handles looked like stirrups,

an early version from the Troy level found by Heinrich Schliemann. Late Minoan pottery was commonly decorated with "marine" themes such as octopus and dolphins.

This replica with is 75mm tall is made to represent one from the Heraklion Museum c1500BC and shows the breaks and restoration as if it were the original excavated

vessel after museum restoration. It is emblazoned with an Octopus and seaweed and starfish.

A nice example for display.

$89.95AUD plus P&H

Geometric Period Oinochoe with lid

A medium size storage bowl with lid (140mm D x 95mm H) of the Geometric period c800BC based on a museum original.

This bowl had the classic geometric squares, borders and squared spirals but also including the early stick figure representation of humans and animals.

A nice example of an original of this period.

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Black Figure Kylix 

A Kylie was a drinking cup commonly used at Symposiums.

Black Figure Period.

145 x 120 x 60mm.

$49.95AUD plus P&H

Greek Geometric Period Hydria

A classic Geometric Period Hydria or Alabastron.

This vessel because of its small size may have been used for medications/perfumes and is decorated in a classic Geometric period style with stylised figures and decorations.

Museum reproduction with seal. 

150mm tall. 

$59.95AUD plus P&H

Greek Black Figure Period Hydria.

A small Black Figure Hydria with the image of a woman.

120mm tall.

$24.95AUD plus P&H

The Discobolus of Myron

A Classical period statue of a Greek youth about to throw a discus, the original carved by the sculptor Myron. 

c 460 - 450BC. 

This replica is made from an artificial alabaster. 225mm tall.

$75.95AUD plus P&H

Greek Black Figure Amphora Pair 185mm

A pair of Black figure amphorae based around Dionysis and the dance.

Both amphorae are 185mm tall made in Greece.

$69.95AUD plus P&H

Pirithius Avenging Himself

A Greek pinakion with a scene of Pirithius avenging himself from Eurithion the centaur.

510BC Red figured pottery. 

180mm diameter.

Has had a repair.

$39.95AUD plus P&H

Minoan Period Pinakion - 1500BC

The Minoans were prolific in decorating their pottery during this early period. Typically they would be of one of two types of design.

The Floral design and the Marine designs are self explanatory with this dish decorated in a common motif of the late Minoan period of an Octopus.

The Marine design was free flowing to a point where it almost depicted visions of the sea.

This plate is 200mm in Diameter. Made in Greece.

$79.95AUD plus P&H

The Trojan War - Achilles slays Hector

A pinakion made in Greece depicting Achilles dragging the defeated Hector  behind his chariot while triumphantly holding his helmet up in a sign of victory.

Black figure design. 240mm diameter.

$44.95AUD plus P&H

Greek Black Figure Pinakion - Meeting of the gods.

230mm diameter made in Greece.

$39.95AUD plus P&H

Greek 3D Pinakion

A large Greek pottery plate with a scene which may be Astyanax being killed by Odysseus?

The figures are 3D rendered in the pottery.

330mm Diameter. 

$29.95AUD plus P&H

The Death of Aktaion

"Artemis shooting Aktaion" A large Greek Oinchoe made in copper.

330mm tall. Made in Greece.

$79.95AUD plus P&H SPECIAL $40.00

Cycladic Art Figure


Cycladic figures have been found all over the Aegean Islands including Crete and mainland Greece. They have been found mostly in burials and date from 3300 - 1100BC. They can be as large as human size or as small as this one being 85mm tall.

There is no consensus amongst scholars about their use. As they were found in graves, many were found broken and repaired and so were most likely used by the deceased in life.

The Cycladic civilisation existed alongside the Minoans and Mycenaeans.

This particular figure is an early design c2800 - 2700BC and is 85mm tall. 

$24.95AUD plus P&H

Alexander Medallion

a Casting of a bronze medallion based on one of Alexanders coins with the head of Alexander.

70mm diameter

$24.95AUD plus P&H Quote ALEXMED1

Linear A Tablet from Knossos


A reproduction of a linear A tablet from the Palace of Knossos found by Sir Arthur Evans.

Linear A was used by the Minoans as a pictographic text and as yet is undeciphered as opposed to linear B.

130 x 65mm.

$54.95AUD plus P&H

Linear A Tablet from Crete

A tablet from Hagia Triada with text in Linear A.

80 x 60mm

$54.95AUD plus P&H

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