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Australian History and Archaeology.......

A resource base to allow you as a teacher to take hands on history into the classroom all focused on Archaeology and History in Australia.

Build a mini museum in your classroom or school library. Have the students research the items and investigate Australia's Late 19th and Early 20th century.

Create an excavation in your school yard with one of our outdoor kits.

You can either order individual items of a group set.

Individual items and sets are being added regularly.

Contact us if you have any questions or requests.

Victorian Ink bottles, pens and school slate writing boards. Clay pipes, spectacles and blue glass castor oil bottles. Postcards, tinplate photos and Carte de Viste....and exploration of the late Victorian Era in Australia.

A resource base for an Australian Excavation/Dig box for the classroom.


Early Photography

All our students at school today are post digital photography. In other words they were all born in the digital era after the film photography was replaced in general by digital photography. These items are all from the early period of photography and are suitable for study from early primary onwards.

NOTE: WE have a prepared lesson called: "The History of Photography and the Cinema"

that is designed around the year 2 curriculum. This hands on 90 minute lesson is suitable for a class of thirty students and includes the following:

An introduction to Photography - Film Photography - What is it and where did it begin

What is that camera and how doe sit work - a hands on exercise with vintage cameras.

(The students all get to handle and investigate a vintage film camera).

The Cinema - Moving pictures - where did they come from and how do they work?

Lets go to the movies - Let's watch a silent movie.

Props in the movie - A hands on introduction to movie props, special effects using props 

from the movies Gladiator and Spartacus.

We come to you. Each session for 30 students takes around 90 minutes. Multiple classes run back to back. 

All staff have working with Children Certificates. See below....

Life at school 

Do you remember the little leather backpack, the bottles of milk you were forced to drink at recess?

Maybe it was that favourite pencil case you had or the large maps and pull down posters that your third grade teacher had on display all around your classroom?

Go back further to the inkwells and dip pens or even further to the slate that you wrote your times table on then rubbed out the answers with the sleeve of your pullover?

Coming soon.......

Australian History Kit A11

Convict Brick

Tall Glass Ink bottle

Glass Ink Bottle

Stoneware Ink bottle

Stoneware Stove Black Bottle (With remaining polish inside)

Block of Silver Soap in wrapper 1880

Blue Glass Castor Oil Bottle

Medicine bottle

A pair of cut glass wine glasses

Imported Japanese desert plate pre 1900

Silver Butter knife and spoon

Tinplate photograph of a family c1880

Carte de Viste - Photo of a young man c1910

Safety razor c 1910

Silver Inkwell and dip pen


Early childrens marbles

Postcard from England

Assorted Australian Pennies (1922, 1941, 1962)

$140.00AUD plus P&H  SOLD

Optional Vintage early cameras and photographs available for sale (See below)

Australian History Kit A12

Hand Blown Dark Amber Bottle

Medicine Bottle

Stoneware Stove Black Bottle

Block of Silver Soap in wrapper 1880

Stoneware Ink Bottle

Stoneware Cream coloured Ink bottle with cork

Glass Ink Bottle and dip pen

Silver Inkwell

Pince Nez Spectacles in Leather Case

Early Children's Marbles

Tobacco Tin

Carte de Viste - c1910

Tintype Photo "Man in the Bowler Hat

Clay Pipe (End piece - "Nose Warmer")

Ginger Beer Bottle Stopper

Cut Glass WEine Glass

Australian Pennies ( 1941, 1964)

Christmas Postcard

$160.00AUD plus P&H

Optional Vintage early cameras and photographs available for sale (See below)

Historic Newspapers

A series of Historic Newspapers from World War 2 Period. Most are Front/Rear pages with headlines and major news articles on the front pages while the inter and back pages contain minor stories and adverts from the period.

Feb 13 1945 Big 3 Germany to Pay

Feb 20 1944 Our Bridgehead line holds after 3 days of terrific attacks.

Jan 19 1945 Red Army Enters Germany

March 9 1944 1000 Forts and 2000 Tons = The Bombing of Berlin

March 27 1944 Enemy Reeling under prodigious air blows

Jan 31 1944 Allies get big guns ashore at Anzio

$15.00AUD Each plus P&H

Mar 27 1944 Page 3/4 Balkan Triangle where decisive events may be shape $9.95AUD

Portrait - The Moree Man

An early ?1920s Portrait of a gent in a striped suit from Moree in northern NSW. 

135 x 85mm oval in card support.

$12.95AUD plus P&H

Portrait - The Vice Regal Man

A portrait of a seated bearded man in a suit.

135 x 96mm

$12.95AUD plus P&H

Portrait - The man with the Moustache

A portrait of a man in a suit in front of a studio backdrop.

150 x 110mm

$12.95AUD plus P&H