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We have a large range of interactive Archaeology & Ancient History products for sale.

We supply private collectors, museums, schools, publishers and production companies.

We have supplied museums around the world with reproductions to display, production companies we supply with replica items for use in filming of documentaries or movies and publishers for inclusions in content and cover work.

We also have some educational pages here on our website. 

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The Book and the Scrolls

History of Writing

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Seal of the Ancient World.

Seals were the PIN code of the Ancient World.....

To secure a document written on clay, to make sure your amphora of grain had not been tampered with enroute to its destination or to make sure your store room hasn't been tampered with, seals were your signature and their artistic design spoke myriads about the culture of your time period and even more about you and what you believed in.

Imagine today if when you applied to the bank for your new PIN card that they required you to design the image on the front of it.....

What would you deign yours with?

The seals of the ancient world are art works inn miniature. These seals can be used on air dry clay, plasticine or whatever. Use it in your HISTORY class or your ART HISTORY class. Interactive pieces of art and history.

See our great new range of seals on our "Seals" page here.

How our Interactive products work.....

Interactive Archaeology Kits

We have a range of interactive Archaeology products that are ideal for the classroom and for Home-School situations. They allow the students to handle archaeology rather than just reading about the topic which then stimulates learning processes. 

We have Archaeology Classroom Kits, in which the student excavates a faithfully reproduced piece of ancient pottery. Our replica pottery is made in Hebron by craftsmen who have made pottery for generations. See our "Pottery of the Ancient World Kit".

We have Artefact Handling Kits that are comprised of genuine artefacts allowing the students to physically "shake hands with the past...."

The students examine and research each item then prepare a classroom presentation based on what they have discovered. 

Photo Usage.

We have a large range of images for use by publishers and production companies. If any images you find on our website are of interest or if you would like an image based on any category on this site why not contact us for information and pricing.

Please note: ALLL OUR IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT until permission of release is given.


Manuscript Page

We have a range of new products on our manuscripts page:

Roman Papyrus Scrolls

Roman Wax Tablets

Egyptian Scribes Palette

New Manuscript reproductions and more.....

Historic Connections

to bring the past alive...... 

History that you can feel, touch..........and experience!

Whether you are a lover of ancient history, a school teacher, a home school coordinator or just someone who has a desire to hold a piece of history, we should have something to suit you.

As you can see by the side bar, we have a number of product categories to meet most requirements. If there is something you need but can't find on our site, be it a product or just some information, then use the "contact us" form to inquire. If we haven't got what you need, we may be able to find it for you.

For you educators out there, we are constantly developing new products to help bring your lessons alive! We are working with the relevant school curriculum as well as with some of the education bodies within Australia, to bring you products that will stimulate your students, get them involved and make their learning process easier and more exciting.

Many of our products are interactive. Take a look at our "Archaeology" page for a series of interactive kits for the individual or the classroom. We aim to make learning a memorable experience. Check out our teachers page for ideas.

"Pottery of the Ancient World" Archaeology Lesson Kit - in action.
(Kit includes either one of a series of handmade replica pottery pieces - the pot at left is an example of the restored item, whereas the lamp at the bottom is one of the replica Iron Age lamps used in the kit being excavated)



Contacting us:

If you would like to make an enquiry about a product please use the contact link at the left side of all our pages. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to speak to us you can call us on 0407803749. Please note that due to a large increase in spoof calls and phone marketing we do not answer calls that do not have their phone numbers visible or listed as "Private number".

Who is Historic Connections?

Historic Connections is an Australian family based business based in Elermore Vale (Newcastle) that has been in business since October 2003. We have a keen interest in Ancient History with connections with suppliers all over the world. Our aim is to give you the tools and products that will make your job as a teacher, your study as a student or your hobby as an enthusiast much easier. Our range of products is growing all the time and is catered to meet the growing needs of education. If there is a product you are after but can't find use the contact us page to inquire about availability. If we don't have it we may be able to get it for you. Please make use of our online resources and information. They will be regularly updated. 

We supply schools with hands on activities such as our range of Archaeology Classroom kits, we supply museums with Historic reproductions used for public education. We supplied a number of items to museums in Melbourne and Singapore for the touring Pompeii exhibit.

We supply production companies with reproductions that are used for documentaries and various advertising projects. We supplied artifacts for an advert for HP US, a reproduction Codex for a History Channel documentary and a reproduction Ostracon for an upcoming BBC production and many more....

We have helped a number of museums set up Biblical Archaeology exhibitions....

If you have a project and you are looking for items, let us know. We have many contacts worldwide. 

Historic Connections aim is to build a total resource base for all things historical. As our motto says :

Bringing the past Alive! 

Why don't we have an ONLINE CHECKOUT?
Due to the nature of our business, we have chosen not to use an online check out. We do have access to one but due to the nature of our product range and varying shipping costs we have chosen not to use it. Let me give you an example. Our products vary in size and weight considerably, from a small papyrus kit to a weighty full size Rosetta Stone. We now ship all over the world, and hence the cost to ship such a huge range of varying products to a wide range of destinations is not a simple one. So what we have chosen to do is, to ship to you at the best possible price for your destination. Within Australia we use couriers as much as possible, but couriers can become expensive in certain areas and hence Australia Post becomes a better option. There are even some times when we deliver products in person. So to purchase an item or if you simply want to know the shipping costs, either use our contact page to send us your inquiry and we will get back to you with the best possible shipping costs. We can then invoice you using a regular invoicing system, that allows you to pay by credit card or Australia Post Money order, or in the case of Schools we do accept Business cheques. We can invoice you with Paypal which is a great secure way to pay with your credit card or we can send you the information to allow you to process your payment with your credit card via Stratapay. With Stratapay you simply phone your credit card information to their office (for the price of a local call within Australia) and we dispatch your goods as soon as the payment appears in our system.(Usually within two working days). You can phone your credit card information through to us and we process you shipment immediately. Products that are in stock are shipped immediately. International orders usually take 7-10 days.

If you have any queries about any of our products or payment methods give us a call:

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Please note that due to a large increase in spoof calls and phone marketing we do not answer calls that do not have their phone numbers visible or listed as "Private number".

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