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Why use our products? 


Hands on activities enrich the students learning processes.

They provide a means for moving the student beyond the standard classroom learning environment allowing them to as one scholar put it ..."To shake hands with the past."

They allow Ancient History and Archaeology to be presented in a variety of ways.

  •  Archaeology is a great motivator....it brings the past into the present allowing students to research and learn from our ancestors...interactive archaeology allows them to reach out and touch items/artifacts once used by people from our past.
  • Interactive Archaeology is a great way to stimulate students that have different learning styles and difficulties.
  • Archaeology is our primary resource about people from our past and gives the students insight into how they lived, worked, ate and died and in essence broadens their understanding beyond their own environment.
  • Interactive archaeology helps students investigate, research and analyze evidence teaching them new analytical skills and observation.
  • Interactive archaeology is not purely restricted to the topic of Ancient history but broadens out into other subjects such as: Data recording (Mathematics),Pottery/artifacts design and decoration (Art), study of written texts (writing), research and reporting - presentation (Creative writing/English and Public Speaking).

These are just a few areas that interactive archaeology can broaden a students studies and development, so why not try some of our kits and resources....

All our kits work on the assumption that the teacher or coordinator has a good understanding of the basics of archaeology and excavation techniques.

So why not give us a call before........

Archaeology Classroom Kit

"The Outdoor Set" 

for use outdoors...

create your own excavation in your school yard! 

This is a fascinating archaeology kit designed at the request of History teachers. 
 It has been designed to create more realism than the other Archaeology Classroom Kits in that is allows you to create a mock dig site in your school yard.
You supply the hole...
we supply the replica artifacts!
We assume that when you purchase this kit that you have at least a basic working knowledge of an excavation. You will need to create a single strata "baulk" approximately
1 x 2 metres in size.

We supply a selection of replicas from the following list:
This is a sample of some of the items included in this kit: 
  •  Pottery items - juglets, amphorae, cups, bowls, Oil Lamps, unguentariums and more... (you will receive 3 or more pottery items).
  •  Coin
  • Arrowheads
  •  Seals
  • Roman Dice
  • jewelery - beads scarabs, rings
  •  inkwells
  • Roman Glass 
  • Papyrus fragments
  • Roman nails
  • Roman Keys/Locks
  • fire-starters/flintstrikers/fibulae
  • Jewelery items, bracelets, necklaces etc
  • Spoons
  • Bullae/seals papyrus fragments
  • Gladiator gaming tokens
  • and more....
Also included on a CD are:
Basic Instructions including... 
  •  Lessons on making Mud bricks (you can then include them in your excavation)
  • Pottery examination lesson
  • Excavation forms
  • Question and answer lessons on the basics of archaeology
  • Catalogue cards
  • ID sheets
  • Forensic report sheets (We do have a forensic archaeology Skull kit available as an optional extra...Contact us for details. 
  • Guide sheets on how to add extra everyday items to your kit to make it more comprehensive. (Example: build a stone hearth in the base of your site from garden rocks and position ash from the fireplace/BBQ with left over animal bones - the students will have to analyze it to work out if it is a cooking hearth or an altar or maybe something else!) 
  • IT Worksheets
This kit can be shared by the whole school and can be used again and again for years to come. You can add extras to it from your own resources and our suggestion sin the kit, or you can by extra items from our website at a discounted price to add to the kit.
You will need to encourage fellow teachers to get involved in helping you set up the excavation - get your maths and science teachers involved and have them work the students through the mathematics and science components of the exercise. 
The kit should take a day to set up and a day to excavate.
An on-site class excursion - no off site arrangements-forms to fill out as in the usual school excursions! 

Remember these kits are:
  •   Reusable
  • can be shared with other history classes
  • can be used with the Mathematics and science faculties
  • can be added to
  • promote team work
  • creates a fascinating learning environment that the students will NOT forget

Optional Extras for the "Archaeology Classroom Kit -

Outdoor Set"
 You may purchase items from our website at any time to add diversity or size to your kit inclusions. You may order at any time after you purchase your initial kit, but if you tell us you have previously purchased an "Outdoor Kit" from us we will discount the items you are adding to your kit.

A great way to make your kit last for years to come!

Skull Kit 1

Male Skull 



These museum quality skulls are cast from originals using "freestone" to mimic real bone. 

Skull Kit 2

A set of a Male and Female Skull 

$179.95AUD Plus P&H Quote FORENSIC4M/F

These kits come with a reproduction skull, basic forensic identification sheets and a set of printable worksheets.

Facial Reconstruction Kit

A Facial reconstruction kit based around the skull of Tutankhamun. The kit comes with a pedestal mounted skull (with muscle underlay) facial depth pegs, moulded facial features and mould for rolling out modelling clay for facial skin overlays. Instructions included.

$45.00AUD plus P&H

Archaeology Outdoors Kit


Select from one of the civilizations below or if you wish to have an overall Archaeology theme we can supply you with a mixture of civilization kits that will give you a greater diversity of excavated items to excavate and display.......


The Following Kits are available:
Pottery of the Ancient World
Ancient Rome
Ancient Greece
Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Egypt 
Ancient Israel
Antiquities of the Ancient World
The Neolithic Period
See our Students Research page for inclusions for these kits. 

Each Kit comprises a block of soil in which is embedded a replica antiquity.
The object of the lesson is to carefully excavate the antiquity, clean and then restore as would a museum conservator. The item then needs to be identified (teachers are given identification sheets and our students research page has a lot of information), and then researched. Each student would then do an oral presentation describing the antiquity he/she has excavated. The class then does a report identifying and discussing what they have learnt. Kits can be purchased for the students as an option to an excursion, allowing the hands on activity to be available within the school and allowing each student to retain the antiquity they have excavated.

These kits are made based on museum artifacts, and are faithful replicas of the originals . Each item has been made based on the originals, some made by potters and artisans using techniques from ancient times and when excavated are a fascinating look into life ancient life. These kits give you a hands on lesson in archaeological excavation, research and artifact conservation as well as giving you an item that you can use for ongoing lessons on ancient history.
Instead of taking your students on an external excursion why not bring the excursion into the classroom. Instead of the students spending the money on an expensive excursion, they can have a hands on lesson in the classroom and have an ancient artifact to take home!


All these kits are hand made here in Australia. They are only available in limited numbers so make sure you allow plenty of time in planning your project. Please contact us with your order first to check for availability.

Shipping for all these items is extra. We charge shipping appropriate to your location. Contact us for shipping charges prior to ordering.


Pottery of the Ancient World


 Excavate a reproduction of an ancient pottery item. Find out what this artifact can tell us about the society and culture it came from and restore it just as would a museum conservator.

Each kit comes as a pottery item buried within a block of soil. The pottery items are often broken and  some will need to be restored........

 Our "Pottery of the Ancient World" kit is composed of pottery from around the ancient world. Ancient oil lamps, pottery jugs, amphorae, Roman inkwells, Medieval decorated pottery sherds and much, much more....

Many of our pottery items are faithfully handmade by potters in Israel who have a long tradition of pottery craftsmanship that extends back for generations. Many of our items are made to our specifications based on items found in museums around the world.  

The pottery items are buried and many will be found in a broken condition just like on an actual excavation. The pieces will need to be studied and researched even before they are restored. The object of this lesson will be to study, research and analyze the role pottery played in ancient society and to restore the item as would a museum conservator.

Some of these kits will have one large pottery (broken) item split between two of the kits.
The students will need to first identify the item they have excavated and temporarily tape the pieces together as a test reconstruction, then work with another student as team to fully restore the piece. This is a great way to promote team work within an archaeological setting.
The two students would then research the item together.

Some kits will contain pottery sherds that are highly decorated allowing the students the opportunity to investigate the culture behind these decorations.

Many of the items in this kit can be viewed on the "Students Research" page.

Worksheets, resource information will be available to download from our Teachers Resource page.

See our Students Research page for an overview of inclusions in this kit.

Involves excavation, research and restoration
(This kit requires a fair amount of restoration - suitable for senior students or adults)
Each kit would suit 1-3 students years 7-12+.

 Ancient Rome


Excavate a Roman site and discover the many facets of Roman life. This kit contains different objects from Roman life for you to excavate, examine, research and report. 
Worksheets and research information will be available online on our Teachers Resource Page.

See our Students Research page for an overview of inclusions in this kit.

$17.95ea (Min 3) ORDER CODE HCA/RP

 Ancient Greece


See our Students Research page for an overview of inclusions in this kit.
$17.95AUD plus P&H Order Code HCA/GREEK

 Ancient Mesopotamia


Excavate ancient clay tablets, seals and artifacts from Ancient Mesopotamia. Learn how writing began and its impact on our world today. Translation sheets will be available for all texts that are excavated in this kit to allow your students to research and translate the cuneiform text on the clay tablets.
See our Students Research page for an overview of inclusions in this kit.

 Ancient Egypt



Excavate Ancient Egypt. Learn about life in ancient Egypt by excavating reproductions of ancient artifacts, statues, tomb reliefs and more....

Conserve, restore and research...... for it is in this process that you will learn most about life in Egypt over 2 millennia ago. 

Worksheets, resource information will be available to download from our Teachers Resource page.

See our Students Research page for an overview of inclusions in this kit.

   $17.95ea ORDER CODE HCA/TE

Only available in small numbers 3-50 units.

For larger classes Our Group Kit is available.

Suitable for group work 6 students per group.


 Ancient Israel


Excavate ancient pottery and artifacts from Ancient Israel and Palestine, from the second millennium BC through to the Middle Ages. A fascinating look at culture and the development of a small land that sat at the crossroads of History.

 The Neolithic Period
Excavate genuine ancient Neolithic tools, arrowheads, beads, fishnet weights and much more.
Discover a period in North Africa when tools were handmade to such a high grade that they
outperformed even modern tools of today.
See our Students Research page for an overview of inclusions in this kit.
$17.95AUD plus P&H  ORDER CODE HCA/NEO (Min order 3 kits)

 Antiquities of the Ancient World
Excavate a genuine artifact....a Roman coin,Roman Jewellery, a medieval lead seal, a piece of ancient pottery, and much more.
We are able to source many of our inclusions from registered Metal detectorists and archaeologist in the UK and Europe. Many use the Portable Antiquities Scheme in the UK.
This kit contains small artifacts from the ancient world.
See our "Students Research" page for details, images and further research questions.
See our Students Research page for an overview of inclusions in this kit.
Very Limited Availability!!!
 Archaeology Group Classroom Kit
This is a large version of the kits listed above designed to be used by a group of 6 students who work together as a team.  Two will excavate, two clean and sort items and two will document the findings. Then the group works as a team to research their findings. Kits contain various individual items and some may contain larger pieces of pottery or wall sections that need restoration.
The kits will be allocated to various categories according to availability of inclusions.
Limited availability.


Artifact Handling Kits

 Analytical Research - Activities

 Artifact Handling Kits


Historic Connections are always developing new ways to make studying history a true adventure..... hence our catch phrase "Bringing the Past Alive..."

Our latest series of kits, "Artifact Handling Kits" bring the experience of a real museum right into your classroom. Your students will have the opportunity of exploring the Ancient Roman Empire (and others) by using real artifacts to study and research the material culture of Ancient Rome. These artifacts will stimulate your students interest as they handle and then study artifacts that were actually used by citizens of Rome 1600 -2000 years ago. An opportunity to handle a real piece of history, putting them literally in touch with the past.

From time to time as they become available we will offer artifacts from other cultures as well including written documents and pottery items from the recent and ancient past.
These kits perfectly suit analytical research, by allowing students in group work to identify, research, analyze and interpret artifacts.

Students will then understand that everyday objects used by everyday people thousands of years ago will unlock an understanding of our past unrealized before and hence make their study of history so much more real.

Genuine artifacts

Great for hands on research in the Classroom...

These kits are practical tools for the classroom:

They can be used again and again over the years.

Can be used with all class ages.

Suitable for school library display when not being used as a handling kit!

 Artifact Handling Kit W2

A set of 20 different antiquities from various periods to give a broad scope on Archaeology:

1. Herodian Oil Flask 100BC-100AD
2. Roman Shellgrit Dalesware Sherd
3. Roman Samianware sherd
4. Pottery base from Petra
5. Pottery Handle from Petra
6. Roman Box Flue from a Bathhouse
7. Roman Tesserae
8. Roman Coin
9. Roman Fresco fragments from a UK excavation
10. Roman Lock
11. Roman Fibula
12. Roman Weights
13. Roman Iron Horse fitting
14. Roman Beads
15. Opalescent glass.
16. Early Pipes from London
17. Medieval Roof tile - London - Great Fire
18. Victorian thimbles
19. Victorian Silver toy from an Archaeologist field survey
20 1807 Penny

Worksheets are supplied on an inclusive flash drive that comes with the kit.


Now $169.95AUD SOLD

New kits available ask us......


Pottery Handling Kits

Introductory specials
Pottery Handling Kit RomGrey1 

 A set of 10 pottery body sherds from an excavation of a Roman Villa site in Lincolnshire in the UK.
An ideal inexpensive starter kit for the classroom that will give your students an opportunity to experience the process of sorting and examining pottery sherds after an excavation.
Suitable for a small class or a larger group split into 10 groups.
3 of these are available. Comes with worksheets.
$14.95AUD plus P&H Quote Kit RomGrey1


Pottery Handling Kit 203
 A pottery handling kit from Roman British Londinium. Kit comprises of 10 items from the area around London including a pair of Roman Tesserae from Norfolk.
This kit comes with a full description of each pottery piece and a brief history, with research questions and worksheets.
Suit 10 groups in a classroom setting.
NOW $39.95
 Comes in hard storage box. Can be used again and again.

Surface Survey Kits

These kits are ideal introductory lessons for the classroom. They allow the students to handle, research and investigate a series of items as if being part of an archaeologists surface survey of a site. Each of these kits comes with a number of items found in close proximity. None of the artifacts have been identified and it is up to the students to examine and research what they have found, then assess what could lay buried beneath the field where found.All are groups of items found by field walkers in the UK.
They come with the artifacts only.
The scenario would be:
" You are part of a team of archaeologist that are about to excavate a field in rural England, and have been asked to field walk an area 10 meters square. You will then be required to analyze what you have found, and research the artifacts. You should then write an assessment as to what areas of occupation may have occurred beneath the area you have walked."
Some will contain items that date from as early as pre Roman right through to the present day, while other kits contain a small window of history such as the Medieval or even the Victorian period.
The kits can be used again and again.
New Kits coming soon.....

Social History Interactive Archaeology Kits

Imagine you are an archaeologist excavating an old tavern site in Sydney's Rocks district.....
On this site will be found building remains, pottery and the remains of many clay pipes that were discarded once they were no longer of any use. Drinking and smoking went hand in hand for many years, and it is part of our social history that archaeology can explore.

We have some basic introductory kits that will allow a group of 10-30 students explore such an investigation. These kits contain 10 items (plus bonus) that will need to be researched and investigated then completed with a presentation. The kits come with a simple instruction sheet with suggested research options and a worksheet.These kits comprise items excavated in the UK.

Clay Pipe Kit 1

$19.95AUD plus P&H Quote PIPEKIT1 


Clay Pipe Kit 2

$19.95AUD plus P&H Quote PIPEKIT2

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